If you love looking into space then keep an eye on the sky this Thursday and Friday all across West Michigan because the Geminid meteor shower peaks this week.

According to WOOD, the annual meteor shower, Geminid, is a regular occurrence every December featuring over 100 fast moving meteors per hour. If the clouds clear this particular meteor shower is a fan fav of sky watchers.

Forecasters are predicting high cloud cover which may hide most of the meteors.

If you are an early bird then you have the best chance of seeing a meteor or 2 early Thursday and Friday mornings when the shower reaches its height of activity.

The explanation behind the meteor shower is there is debris from a comet that gets tossed into the Earth's atmosphere. The comet know as Comet 3200 Patheon, has tiny pieces of space rock that burn as they enter our atmosphere and cause the streaks of light in the sky like a shooting star.

The Geminid meteors are not quite as bright as a normal shooting star but there are many more of them creating several smaller streaks of light.

Another fan fav is the Perseid meteor shower that happens every August. There is a higher meteor count and with clearing skies and warmer temperatures makes it much easier and comfortable for people to view.


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