Some are saying the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot is terrible. However, is it worse than that one time the Ninja Turtles went on a rock concert tour, made an album sponsored by Pizza Hut, then went on Oprah to promote it? Because that was a real thing that happened. Back in August of 1990, the turtles hit the stage with "Coming Out of Their Shells".

TMNT dazzled young fans all across the US with songs like "Pizza Power", "Tubing" and "April's Ballad". The turtles weren’t just rocking out though, they also had to stop Shredder’s evil plot! Shredder had created the De-Harmonic Convergence Converter, a device to steal all the music in the world. And it also weakened the Turtles if they stood in front of it. Because of course it did. Eventually though, the turtles came up with a plan to defeat Shredder, thus making the world safe for music once again. Phew.

An album followed. All of those amazing tracks can be heard below.  And then they went on Oprah. To talk about inter-species dating, raw sewage, and also demand of a child "What makes your dad so special?" Yep. Oh, and sell concert tickets and cassette tapes too, I'm sure. Here are some of the best parts of that appearance.


As promised, "Coming Out of There Shells", the entire album. You. Are. Welcome.

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