If you like to drink beer, dance and eat sausage then you will love Pulaski Days that will be going on all this weekend in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The one weekend of the year where everyone is Polish.

According to WOOD, there are 14 Polish halls in Grand Rapids that have their doors wide open to the public for a weekend of fun and Polish tradition.

Here are a list of halls you can attend nearest you, or have a beer at all 14 (just don't drink and drive) click the links for details and maps:

At all 14 locations you can enjoy incredible traditional Polish foods, like pierogi's, kapusta, golabki and so much more. Plus each of the halls have a variety of traditional polish bands performing as well as different events at each one.

Here is a great website that pulls all the information together just click here. Here is a facebook page that may help you zero in on the locations you so desire to get your Polish on.

If you love a parade then don't miss the Pulaski Parade this Saturday morning beginning at 11 a.m. Because of the construction, the parade will run down Seward Avenue to Marion Avenue.

There will be a parade as well at 11 a.m. Saturday morning. It will go down Fulton Street from Seward to Marion avenues.

'Na Zdrowie!' (nas-dro-v-yea), you better practice because that is Polish for 'cheers'.

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