The price of gas has affected every household but there may be some relief coming this summer as compared to last summer.

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Price of Oil

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The price per barrel of oil can definitely have an effect on the price of gas and there is no doubt about that. Supply and demand play another factor in higher gas prices.

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Our country's overall dependency on foreign oil and jack up the price, because here, other countries can just do whatever they want it's their oil but let's not kids ourselves thinking they are unaware of how they affect our economy when they do so.

Supply is another factor but this one is a little more b.s. then the others mentioned above. I say this because if there are supply chain issues, that would mean fewer people are working, and fewer diesel trucks are being used to haul items meaning less gas is being used. So I am sick of the supply chain issues excuse. Some companies are even using that excuse in the ads they run for their products and again it's just b.s.

Gas Prices Should Be Lower in West Michigan Than Last Summer

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Regular gas recently has slowly been rising and actually getting closer to the price of diesel gas. I noticed that none of the grocery store prices went down after diesel prices went down by nearly $1.50 per gallon which proves that supply chain issues are just a marketing excuse to raise prices on whatever goods stores want.


Gas prices will continue to rise a little now through the Memorial Day weekend (love how they gouge us for holiday travel) and then prices should level off if not even be lower as we move into the summer. Even if gas prices go up another 20 cents to 50 cents per gallon by Memorial Day, gas will still be far cheaper this summer than in the summer of 2022.

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