Man, talk about opposite ends of the spectrum!

Meet Syther. Well, that's his stage name. Syther is a low-level professional wrestler.  And when we say "low level," we mean it. Syther wrestles in school cafeterias and gymnasiums, which is actually right at home for him... because his day job is a kindergarten teacher!

Syther, aka Steve Damico, has been wrestling and teaching kindergarten in Fort Myers, Fla. simultaneously for about two years now. He got his teaching degree back in 2011 and applied for numerous jobs, but no one bit. He put his wrestling activities on his resume, which his current principal says really caught his eye. And he was hired.

Steve says that both jobs have their challenges, but surprisingly, there are many similarities between the two! But given the opportunity, he'd wrestle full time.  As for now, though, he seems pretty happy doing both.

I bet you, after you see this video you will like this guy. 

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