Is the passing of a loved one just super inconvenient for you? There's really no time anymore to actually pay your respects to the dearly departed, so this Tennessee funeral home is trying something new!  In Memphis, just use the R. Bernard Funeral Home for a drive-through visitation!

The owner of the funeral home, Ryan Bernard, says that for a visitation from 4-6PM, they will prop the deceased up in a drive-thru viewing area around 1PM. People, whether they know the deceased or not, can drive through, pay their respects and then be on their way. Surprisingly, people love this and they haven't received any complaints so far!

Hopefully this new style of visitation really takes off around the country so people can get back to whatever it is that is more important than respecting the dead! Like we said, death is super inconvenient, so now you can swing by the funeral home, say goodbye to grandma then drive through Taco Bell for a taco twelve pack and be home all in less than half hour!

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