While technically we're in the middle of Fall right now most of us Michiganders feel robbed because this is the season that the majority of us look forward to. It's as if we went from summer to winter in a flash. So where did Fall go?

This meme that the Lake County Road Commission posted on Facebook perfectly sums it up.

Yup, it lasted a whole three days and if you didn't get out of the house last weekend, sorry but you missed the best season in Michigan. The US National Weather Service in GR reposted the meme and captioned

Michigan...where raking leaves and shoveling snow happen almost simultaneously.

True story. Instead of enjoying the pretty leaves and all of autumn's activities, it's instead felt like the middle of winter. All of Michigan got hit with snow on Monday. WZZM reports that Grand Rapids hit record cold temps on Tuesday, the 12th dropping to 24 degrees. The previous record was 27 degrees in 1984. In fact, it's currently colder in Grand Rapids than Alaska!

Farewell, fall. See you next year... hopefully.

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