If you needed some motivation this Monday morning, you should definitely watch this video. Also while we were on the topic of "safe spaces" and people needing to grow a bit of a backbone nowadays this morning, this is also very fitting. The headline on this story is "This Little League Baseball Coach Giving Kids A Hard-Nosed Pep Talk Is The EXACT Coach The Trophy Generation Needs." A little long, but I think we can get the point!

When this coach of a little league team asked his players what the team's goal was, a player responded in typical nine-year-old fashion: "To do your bestest," he said, to which the coach responded, "Not even close.”  That began the coach's speech on winners and losers and that sometimes, "At least we tried hard and had fun" doesn't always cut it. He also said that if any of their dads tried to tell them that, their dad is a loser.

Of course, this coach wasn't a mean guy who just screamed at the kids. He spoke to them pretty much like the little adults they will grow up to be.  And when they do, because of him, they will be ready to take on this soft world.

In the end, he acknowledged how good the other team was before telling his kids they were "gooder," ending in the all-hands-in chant of every boy saying "gooder" before taking the field.

This coach is gooder than the rest and we can only hope our kids get this kind of motivation someday.

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