Leave it to Japan to create a bra that only unclasps when the girl is feeling true love.

You're going to have to step up your game, guys.

Japanese lingerie company Ravijour has created a futuristic bra that only unhooks for true love. This means that skeevy dudes looking to hit on a chick and take her home from the bar aren't going to get very far at all. The wearer must feel the equivalent of true love, or at least a very high percentage of attraction, before the bra automatically unhooks, giving access to the prizes contained within. Gentlemen, welcome to hard mode.

A built-in sensor within the bra measures the wearer's heart-rate, which is then beamed over to an app on the woman's smart phone via Bluetooth connection. The heart-rate is then calculated and measured against other events, like jogging, shopping, eating spicy food or watching a scary movie. Unless the wearer's heart-rate reaches a certain threshold, the point of "true love," the bra will not unhook.

But if the guy is compatible enough with the wearer and she feels a certain way about him, the bra unhooks automatically, allowing sexy time to happen. Currently, the only way to get one's hands on this futuristic bra is by spending over 5,000 yen (roughly $50), on Ravijour products and being entered into this contest. But for the couple who wins, the real challenge will come at night, at the hotel suite being offered as a prize. If the bra doesn't unhook, then we've got bad news for you folks.