If you’re in certain parts of downtown Grand Rapids, you may come across scarves tied to a tree or a bench, and wonder why?
The first thought when I saw them, was wondering if someone thought the tree was cold and this was their sweet attempt at making sure it survived the winter months. Albeit, I figured the tree probably needed a bigger scarf, but still, it was a nice gesture.   Then I also saw them on a bench as well. So what's going on here?
Well, Fox 17 reports that it’s not because the tree or bench is cold, those hand-knitted scarves are actually free for the taking for people who are in need of a little extra warmth this winter. They say the project was started by an anonymous lady in 2015 to honor her dad’s passing. Her goal was to help those in need, while also bringing a little joy to those people and others. That year she had just 10 scarves to distribute. This year, she and her nine volunteers knitted and set out to distribute 293 scarves around the city.
You'll find most of the scarves on trees, fences, poles, and benches around Veterans Park across from the Library downtown, as well as around Degage Ministries, and along Division Ave, according to Fox 17.
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