If you’re a Cheetos fan and a doughnut fan... hey, why not just combine the two?!
If this interesting combination sounds like something you’d want to try, The Donut Conspiracy, on E. Beltline in Grand Rapids, will be selling the spicy doughnut this Saturday, 1/20 only.
So what does a Cheeto doughnut consist of? According to MLive:
...a plain yeast doughnut topped with melting pepper jack cheese, a Velveeta cheese drizzle and crumbles of Cheetos' fiery snack.
The sale will begin at 10 a.m and only a limited number of Cheeto doughnuts will be available for people to buy.
Staff at The Donut Conspiracy decided to make the doughnut after asking their Facebook fans, earlier this month, what they thought of the idea.

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