It's no secret that Michigan has an awesome craft beer scene. The Mitten State is often receiving accolades for its breweries and craft beverages.

And now 24/7 Tempo has included 7 Michigan brews among their list of the 40 most delicious beers in the U.S.

24/7 Tempo determined their ranking based on reviews and ratings from specialist organizations and publications who rate craft beers regularly, including the American Homebrewers Association, Rate Beer, Beer Advocate, and 52 Brews, USA Today reports.

Beer Advocate scores are included, but 24/7 Tempo says they don't necessarily correspond with each beer's spot on the list, because they are drawn from numerous sources.

Here are the Mitten State brews that made the cut:

Clean, crisp, bright, and well-balanced between hop and malt flavors; the can describes this as a session ale, meaning that its comparatively modest kick (4.70% ABV) makes it easily drinkable in some quantity — all day, as it were."


Heavily hopped (six different varietals are used), but softened with a touch of honey; intensely fragrant and reasonably potent (10% ABV)."


Tart, slightly funky aroma; grainy and citrusy in the mouth, with medium body, mild acidity, and medium hop character."


A bourbon-barrel-aged imperial stout, strong (11% ABV) and rich, almost chewy; plenty of oak and a toasty malt flavor."


Makes you want to cross our northern border for a morning meal — dark, smooth, sweet, and oaky (it was aged in old bourbon barrels more recently used for maple syrup); brewed with coffee and chocolate."


An attractive grassy, fruity aroma leading to a sweetish, tropical-fruit character on the palate, accented with hop-induced bitterness."


Named for the Two Hearted River in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Creamy and toasty, redolent of chocolate, strong coffee, and butterscotch, with a strong malt backbone."

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