There is a new member to the Cannonsburg ski patrol but this one has four legs instead of two and goes by the name Lola.

I'm not sure the Kinks were singing about a dog named Lola, but many are singing her praises at the Cannonsburg ski area as the newest member of their Ski Patrol team.

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Lola is owned by Cannonsburg's Ski Patrol Director Matt Chapman and he says Lola doesn't mind the cold. She is a two-year-old dog who is full of energy and everyone on the slopes has fallen in love with her. She even has her own Instagram page.

Lola is helping the Ski Patrol team by helping people smile. She helps the Ski Patrol approach the kids on the slopes and makes it easier to communicate.

FOX 17 reported Danielle Musto the Cannonsburg Marketing Director said, "having Lola become a part of Si Patrol involved a lot of training with ski patrol, and on our end, we just get the fun aspect. All of our employees love Lola, we all want to secretly kidnap her, but watching her interact with customers is so much fun. 

Places at Cannonsburg where you will find Lola will be going for a ride on the chair life, running down the slopes and her backpack is filled with all the things that can help a skier, tuber, or snowboarder if they need help from an accident.

Lola tries to comfort those who are injured to help take their mind off their actual injury and help take their mind off of what is going on.

Days, where you can see Lola in action, are Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday at Cannonsburg. If you would like to follow her on Instagram you can find her at Lola-dogola.

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