Church, spiral cut ham, egg hunts, spring dresses and bonnets...all things that remind us of Easter. So do sweet little lambs and baby chicks. If pictures with the Easter Bunny on your list, don't expect him at the Woodland Mall. The Easter bunny will not be hopping his way to Woodland Mall this year keeping with precautions for Covid-19. In his place, many stores will have their own events going on. Woodland Mall told Fox 17 that many stores will have family fun with toy stores and the arcade to blow off some steam.


The mall expects low crowds during the typical Spring Break times. If you're searching for an Easter gift, the Woodland Mall says that weekday mornings are the least crowded. Hours for the mall are:

  • Thursday- 11am-7pm
  • Friday- 11a-8pm
  • Saturday- 11am-8pm
  • Easter Sunday-Closed

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