Spring is here even thought it doesn't feel like it, but the first real feeling of spring is that first mow and smell of fresh cut grass.

I enjoy working out in the yard and because of other obligations am about a week behind on my chores.

Last weekend I was able to get the weed and feed out on the lawn when actually I should have probably mowed instead but oh well, after two weekends, I managed to get both done.

Getting the lawn mowed on Saturday turned out to be just on time for that rain early Sunday morning and already the grass is looking good.

My son who is seven and being so generous says, "Dad, the yard looks like a golf course." He's such a nice kid.

It was nice this year having my son help with the yard, well as much as a seven year old can, but he enjoyed riding around the lawn the week we spread the weed and feed. He also help me pick up sticks that had fallen over the winter and that turned out to more of a job that originally planned.

I guess my point is, if you are doing some yard work and have some kids around the house, it is a great chance to work together and enjoy the outdoors, even under these pandemic circumstances and enjoy that first mow of the season. You can share your lawn success together.

In these times for my son and I, it truly is the little things in life that are helping the two of us guide our way through this new world we live in.

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