Put this into the "this is why we can't have nice things" category...

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A few weeks ago, the City of Grand Rapids in partnership with GR Outside announced new free sled libraries at area parks.

With all the snowy weather we've had, it was really a cool thing to do. GR Outside has even been setting up pop up hot drink tents too.

The thing is, the sleds are free to USE, but they are not free to TAKE.

It sounds like that is exactly what has been happening. Apparently, sleds have been disappearing from Grand Rapids' Free Sled Libraries.

GR Outside shared about the thefts to Facebook:

Over the last few weeks of snowy weather, our pilot project of free sled libraries at Richmond, Mulick and Plaster Creek Parks have been enjoyed by many. Unfortunately, at the same time, nearly all the sleds that were meant to remain in the parks near the hills have been taken. We tried restocking, but we can’t keep up with replacing them at the rate they disappear.
Our team hesitated to announce the loss of these sleds because our goal is not to spread shame or guilt. Ultimately, we felt it was fair to tell our community the truth about how this project went.

What a bummer!

Perhaps not all the sleds were stolen though, as some people in the comments are saying some of the sleds were broken and thrown away - so maybe that is part of the issue?

Now, GR Outside says the sled stations will stay outside for the rest of the winter, however, they will not be adding additional sleds to them.

They do say that if anyone wants to donate a sled to a free library, they are encouraged to do so.

GR Outside adds:

Thank you all for the kind words over these last few weeks. We are so grateful for the memories we helped create for sledders this winter. We hope you’ll join us for more year-round adventures!

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