The bear who has been wandering around the west side over the past couple of weeks just learned an unfortunate lesson about not using the crosswalks. 

According to Total Traffic, the bear, who was affectionately called 'Yogi' by the Walker Police Department, was struck by a car Tuesday morning, trying to get across the westbound on ramp to I-96 from Alpine Avenue.

Total Traffic
Total Traffic

I'm not sure who was more surprised, the bear or the driver that struck him, because Yogi was not a small bear.

Perhaps the bear offed himself after facing the shame of having trashed WOOD-TV weather man Bill Steffen's bird feeders earlier in the evening? 

No word as to when and where the memorial service will be held, but with social distancing still in place, it will be limited to ten people, six feet apart.

RIP, Yogi.

Meanwhile, on the Westside Bear's Facebook page, he's denying he's dead. But I think it's just a brave face.

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