It looks like the Walker police have nicknamed the Walker Bear, "Yogi the West Side Wanderer" and yes he's still in town but finally moving north.

According to WOOD, the bear was spotted again Tuesday morning in Walker, Michigan, right near Bristol Avenue and 3 Mile Road Northwest. An officer got a photo of the bear in someones back yard before a dog barked and scared it back into the woods.

Yogi the West Side Wanderer has been seen multiple times over the past few weeks. The bear seems to be hip to peoples bird feeders since he's been raiding them in northwest Grand Rapids and around Walker. Police are asking the people to keep your distance if you spot the bear. So far the bear has avoiding contact with humans and police feel it is not a nuisance animal.

According to the Walker police Facebook page the bear seems to be getting bored with city life and simply making its way back to the great white north.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources representative, John Niewoonder, said that because the bear has not been a real problem the agency has elected to let the bear move out of the area on its own. If something changes the DNR with tranquilize and relocate the bear if needed.

The DNR does believe the sightings are all from the same bear.

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