Just in case you need a reminder about how great downtown Grand Rapids is, here are some videos for you to enjoy. Including one that talks about the importance of the riverfront.

Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. delivered the State of Our Downtown in July 2016. This video vignette summarizes the highlights of the report to the community. Read more at: http://bit.ly/2catSJU (PDF)

DropDrop Studios via YouTube

When you think of Downtown Grand Rapids and the Grand River, do you find yourself thinking about what's there now, or do you imagine the potential of what could be?

DropDrop Studios via YouTube

It's hard to not watch these videos and swell with pride. Oh, sure, I'm not seeing a nickel of the nearly $100 million in the money spent in downtown. I didn't open a single business. But still, when I have family coming to visit, showing off downtown and all of the cool things there are to do is a point of pride.

How could you not be excited about new jobs being available and new experiences? I was reading something from a business owner who was complaining about how many new businesses are opening and how they have to pay more for employees. While that really sucks for the bottom line, that's fantastic for job seekers from all over. People who are hungry for jobs. Maybe they too will move to town, and the area will continue to boom.

It's an exciting time to be a Grand Rapidian no doubt. The more folks who are willing to move to town and call Grand Rapids home the better in my humble opinion.

Comparing Grand Rapids to my home town, isn't very fair. The only real thing to do in my hometown's downtown area is gamble at one of the 3 casinos. Not in the mood to gamble? Well, there are 3 bars, 2 different places to eat, a children's museum and a movie theater that shows indy flicks. The only parking structure is at the casinos, and a bit of a hike from anywhere that's not the attached casino. Unless you want to feed the meter, no thanks, not for me.

Sure parking in downtown Grand Rapids isn't cheap, but at least we have options and the Dash to get around.

I've worked downtown for a year and a half and I still haven't seen and done everything there is to do here yet!

Here's to a great 2017, and an even brighter future.

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