This week has been a weird one for Christmas. Maybe it's the weirdness on the interwebs, or the fact that I need a girlfriend, but there's A LOT of Christmas-themed porn stuff out there right now! This could be the best parody movie of "Nightmare Before Christmas" out there...and it has naked people in it!

Obvs, I can't post the movie here, but we can post the trailer for you to enjoy. If it weren't for the singing, this would be my favorite thing ever. But I hate musicals. So watch this one like you do all your other porn, with the volume down, in the dark, with the door locked.

Some of my favorite lines in the trailer:

My Christmas package is large, and filled with j*** and holiday cheer!

or how about:

What's this? Oh s***! Erections in the air!

Hop into my lap, let's have a rag doll and skeleton sex!