Football fans get ready because the NFL is back with the season opener.

Normally, football fans get a look at their favorite teams in August during the usual four pre-season games, but not this year.

Thanks to COVID-19, nothing was normal about the NFL, from the draft, to the pre-season, to no fans in the stands in most stadiums.

This has also caused issues for fantasy football league players who use the pre-season to pick their players and hold their draft parties to lock in their teams before the season opener.

Plus, us Michiganders missed out on our Labor Day Weekend college football kick off. No Big Ten meant no Michigan or Michigan State games not to mention all the other colleges affected by no fall sports in the state.

Tonight, Michiganders and people all across the country get to see some pro football action as the Houston Texans take on last season's Super Bowl Champions the Kansas City Chiefs.

Arrowhead Stadium, which is the home of the Kansas City Chiefs, will allow some fans to attend the season opener. Arrowhead holds 76,000 fans but tonight only 16,700 will be socially distanced throughout the stadium.

I wonder how they decide which season ticket holders and general ticket buyers get to actual attend the game? That must be a giant mess all in itself.

I'm just excited to see a game so I will be watching. Normally I catch a few pre-season games for the Lions because they at least usually win those games...well sometimes.

Speaking of the Detroit Lions, they will host the Chicago Bears this Sunday at 1 p.m. but no fans will be in the stands. This kind of evens the playing field for the Bears because I have been to some Lions vs Bears games and the crowd can really play a part but won't be a factor in this weekend's game.

I really think that the NBA and the NHL did a great job with their bubbles for their teams. Heck, some of the NBA playoff games were some of the best games I have ever seen.

I just hope the NFL is as prepared as the NBA and NHL. We all know about how injuries can really cause a team to struggle, I can't imagine what would happen to an NFL team that has a virus outbreak.

Well, I hope you are as excited as I am for the return of football, if I'm gonna be stuck at home inside the house during the colder months, I can't think of a better way to spend the time as watching football.

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