Thanksgiving will be the first time the new puppy will pay a visit to my mom's house so I hope my son and I have trained him well and there are no accidents.

About six weeks ago, I found the perfect black lab puppy. I surprised my son with his first dog and so far my little boy couldn't be happier with his new little buddy.

One thing I really appreciated about the place where i got the puppy is all the information they provided me how how to train the new pup for a variety of different things.

They gave me a lot of verbal training ideas but also provided me with links to great training videos online to help with potty training the dog, keeping him from biting on people and chewing on things around the house.

So far the pup has done a great job of using the bathroom outside the house and in a specific area that is just for him. He has responded to the word no very well. Only chews on his chew toys and not my furniture and I have those videos to thank and the crew at Barking Boutique for all the help.

I knew with the timing of when my son and I got the dog, we had to be diligent with the training because I knew we would visit my parents for Thanksgiving or Christmas or both. We are going to drive across the state to have a small Thanksgiving with seven family members plus the new pup Jake.

My mom keeps her house in immaculate condition. She also doesn't have any indoor pets. Not that back in the day my sister didn't con her into getting a cat and a few house dogs but if my mom had her druthers, there would be no pets in the house.

My son and I are gonna visit for a couple days and we have prepared the pups overnight bag with food, treats, cleaning supplies, fresh blanket and cleaned chew toys. Heck I am even bringing my own shovel and bag for the gifts the pup will be bringing to dad's yard. I have even have a towel to wipe the pups paws off when coming in and out of the house.

So far mom's being a good sport about allowing us to bring the new pup along, I just hope we don't lose site of him and he marks his territory in mom's house. So far he's been good at mine so hopefully all the training pays off.

My son can't wait to introduce Jake (new pup) to his cousin Jace and his aunt Pam. It should be a great visit and I'm sure the whole family will eventually love Jake as much as my son and I do, and someday...even my mom.

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