Over the weekend, the new puppy and I made a roadtrip to Indiana so I could do a little hunting and the new puppy made some friends.

About a month ago I got my son a new black lab puppy which he absolutely loves, but my son lives with his mom so I spend most of the time with the dog, which means if I have to go somewhere, Jake (the black lab) has to go with me.

Now Jake does great riding in the truck but I also play with him as much as possible so by the time we hit the road, he's ready for a nap.

Jake slept all the way to Indiana last Friday night except for one bathroom and water break.

My buddy Brian has a great place to deer hunt. It's like getting to hunt on a TV show because at any moment a giant lifetime buck could walk out at any moment. That means I will be in the woods by my friend Brian and his daughter, girlfriend and her kids made it so Brian and I could spend some serious hours in the woods by watching Jake for me.

Brian has a lab and another little dog so needless to say, Jake was very excited to hang with some comrades instead of boring old me. Those dogs ran around inside and outside and had a really big time. At one point all three were taking a nap together.

Well my buddy Brian wound up shooting a nice buck on Saturday night and it takes a while to get the deer out of the woods. Plus it was rather warm this weekend so there was no hanging the deer in the barn or garage because the meat would have spoiled. So we had to get to processing to get it in a cooler immediately.

That being said, Brian's girlfriend Marcie and her kids offered to dogsit so Brian and I could get a few hours a sleep before the Sunday hunt. Jake loved playing with the kids and the kids loved playing with him. Although Jake made friends with Brian's dog, a friendship wasn't kindled with Marcie and the kids cat.

Jake had such a good time with the dogs and the kids, he didn't want to leave when it was time to load up Saturday. The kids had played with him so much Sunday morning by the time I got him in the truck, he was wore out and ready for the ride back to Michigan.

What a great weekend with friends and our pets. Now hopefully the trip to mom's for Thanksgiving goes as well as this weekend did.

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