If they're gonna yank a groundhog out of its hole in Pennsylvania every winter to predict the weather, why can't we do the same with a muskrat in Michigan every summer? 

The first ever 'Muskrat Day' celebration was held in Muskegon Tuesday evening, a summertime counter to Punxsatawney, PA's annual Groundhog's Day every winter.

Instead of yanking a groundhog named Phil out of its hole, the Muskegon party, held at the Boomtown Market, consults a stuffed muskrat named Frank to find out how much longer summer will last.

Frank's frank assessment: Eight more weeks of summer!!!

The festivities were the brain child of Dana Precious, a California transplant to West Michigan, who admires the beauty and charm of Muskegon, and wanted to make the world notice.

The party had a Victorian theme and featured some participants in Victorian clothing. But the pressing question is, why a stuffed muskrat? Why not a live one? lord knows, there's a ton of them in West Michigan.

"It's not Muskrat season, so we had that little problem to deal with. Then the other problem is do we really want to give the Mayor rabies" said Precious.

The next question: did someone sing 'Muskrat Love'?




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