I can go into a whole thing to explain how I got to this or I could just say I recently was on YouTube and decided to search "Grand Rapids" and then I wanted to see what videos were viewed the most here in Grand Rapids, and I got to say I’m pretty impressed because our most-viewed videos show that we are actually a pretty cool city.

Seriously all I did for this was type in Grand Rapids in the search area, then sort by most viewed.

Starting off at number four is the video of Grand Rapids breaking the world record for largest Lipdub, which was to Don McLean’s ‘American Pie’


Next up at number 3 is a video from 2011 when Taylor Swift was at Van Andel Arena and she rapped Michigan’s favorite rapper, Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ and Uncle Kracker's 'Smile' which was not rapped,

Number two on the list of Grand Rapids' most-viewed YouTube videos is make-up star Jeffree Star, who happens to live in GR part-time, trying on makeup at Dollar General


The number one most viewed video in GR is a fun and super local video of the Kiss Cam at The Grand Rapids Griffins' games at Van Andel Arena during the 2017-2018 hockey season


Watching these videos, I'm surprised nothing from ArtPrize shows up at the top of the search. Although our celebrity connection is pretty cool, we have so many cool things here. I'm surprised more our "local, cool stuff" didn't show up.   Also, the fact that I brought you this list, means I need to get out more and enjoy some of the cool happenings around West MI rather than getting into Youtube wormholes.

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