Playing NBA Jam on Sega Genesis is still one of the funnest things that I do with friends. For pretty much my entire life, I played only 2 player games with my friend Jon. Until we discovered the 4 player adapter later in life that allowed 4 players to play on screen.

If you think Halo or Call of Duty is crazy fun, you haven't played NBA Jam 4 Player on Sega Genesis.

I have played the 4 player NBA Jam games before, but nothing was intense as this game.

We held my brothers Diaper party this past week as he is having a kid soon, and what would you expect a bunch of dudes to do at a 'Baby Driven Party?' We play video games of course.

We put together the Sega Genesis, 4 Player adapter, and NBA Jam cart and started it up. My friends Brian, Jon, brother, and myself all picked the Rookies because the announcer is funny when he announces them.

We were going head to head in this game! Throughout the ENTIRE game, we were always at least 3 points or 1 point away from each other! Competition was getting intense and there was really loud yelling, cursing, laughing, etc. It was insane! We even went into double overtime!

One of the biggest moments was when one of us did a half court shot and the ball was just bouncing on the rim. The clock ran out and this was the deciding basket, just bouncing on the rim. All of our eyes were wide open...would it happen? NO IT DIDN'T! The ball fell off the rim and the game went on.

I really wish I would have recorded this game, because I would have loved to watch it again!