Yesterday on the show, we were talking about a guy who had created an artificial intelligence bot that would answer his phone and torture telemarketers whenever they called him. He made his phone number public so people could call and check it out, so we did just that. While talking to the bot, Zane attempted to hit the dump button to dump something Joe had said, but instead, he hit the button that starts the commercials. When that button is hit, it almost always triggers commercials to play on all of our affiliate stations, so we originally thought that had happened and had to immediately go to break.

About two minutes later, we realized that it DID NOT trigger those commercials, so we attempted to go back on the air and sort through the mess. Just as the mics went on, Free Beer elbowed his coffee, causing it to spill all over his stuff. And then, we had to try and explain the disaster that had just happened. All in all, it was pretty weird and awkward.

Luckily, listener Keyten happened to be recording the webcam feed at the time, just like he was last year for Eric Zane's great coffee disaster! Check out the most awkward seven minutes in radio below!

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