Let's be honest is there anything worse than an awkward kiss ESPECIALLY when it's caught on live TV? Let's just say that no matter how bad you think your 2019 started it's probably nowhere near as bad as this guy.

The horrifying moment was caught on camera on a Dutch TV show and once the clock hit midnight you see this poor sap go in for a kiss only to be denied. But that's not the worst part... he still attempts to put his gross lips on this woman even though she initially moved her head back. Yes, it's as bad as it sounds. Check it out for yourself, in the video posted to Twitter below.

It's only 8 seconds but it's 8 seconds of cringe-worthy embarrassment that will forever live on the internet. I also cant help but wonder if this is how this man normally kisses? Open mouth and all? Gag.

Word of advice: don't be like this guy.

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