Today on Segment 16, the guys talk about the loudest air horn in the world being blown in a neighborhood in Cascade Township, and the residents are NOT happy about it at all.

WOOD TV reported on a bar that hosts a new event, called "Fowling". You bowl with a football instead of a bowling ball, and apparently the celebrations are a

There's an air horn blasting as loud as possible, for whatever reason, and the neighborhood are pretty upset about it. It's the "Bonk Honk". On the first throw of the game, if someone can knock over the first pin only, they celebrate with the "Bonk Honk".

Imagine...drinking...footballs...bowling...and an air horn. You know they're going to blast that damn thing A LOT!

Apparently, some people in Cascade Township believe there's not any drinking there, and this bar would bring alcoholism to their neighborhood. Because that's how things work.

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