Last year, several former members of In Flames, plus one who may technically still be in the Swedish heavy metal band, started a new melodic death metal group called The Halo Effect. On Wednesday, The Halo Effect released their third and latest single, the rip-roaring "Days of the Lost."

The newly assembled unit were first touted by Loudwire last December, after their debut single "Shadowminds" emerged on Nuclear Blast, the label that will issue the act's first album, also titled Days of the Lost, this summer. Another single, "Feel What I Believe," arrived earlier this year.

Listen to "Days of the Lost" near the bottom of this post.

The Halo Effect is composed of vocalist Mikael Stanne, also of Dark Tranquility and an ex-In Flames singer, plus guitarist Niclas Engelin, an In Flames member who was last said to be on hiatus from that outfit but whose current status in In Flames is unclear. Remaining Halo Effect members Jesper Stromblad (guitar), Peter Iwers (bass) and Daniel Svensson (drums) were all members of In Flames at some point.

On The Halo Effect's formation, Stanne told Heavy Hops in 2021, "This is basically all my old friends from the area. [Our home base in] Gothenburg [Sweden] is small, and it's always been very incestuous in terms of members, back and forth, in bands." (via Blabbermouth)

He added, "It's been a blast just being able to hang out with old friends. Because of touring schedules and all the stuff, in the [last] 15 years or so, we never really get to see each other that much. But now we have. So it's been super, super, super cool."

Days of the Lost comes out on Aug. 12. Pre-order it here.

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The Halo Effect, "Days of the Lost"

The Halo Effect, "Feel What I Believe"

The Halo Effect, "Shadowminds"

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