It's time for the official announcement of all the shows for this year's Fifth Third Bank Summer Concert Series at Meijer Gardens, and the guys always have an amazing time just talking about the show coming. This year, there are some shows that get them singing along, and Free Beer even shows off some dance moves!

The world's not missing out on the dance moves, trust us.

This announcement day usually takes a lot of time, as the guys always go through so many of the performers coming to town, and this year is no exception, even though the guys had to leave early to catch their flight to Green Bay.

The guys start singing along with Toto, and especially ABBA! If you've ever wanted to see some geeky white guys singing ABBA and bopping along to the music, this is your big chance.

And try not to remind Free Beer of his 5-0 loss today on trivia. He's still very sad.