A Michigan man who lured his victim via the Grndr app and then killed the man, his attorney claims the killer is unfit for trial.

According to WOOD, Mark Latunski from Corunna, Michigan, has been charged with killing and then mutilating a man. His attorney says Latunski is not mentally fit to go to trial.

Michigan's Center for Forensic Psychiatry have examined Latunski and say they do not believe he's competent to stand trial at this time. Unfortunately, the prosecutor's office did not object.

Let's see, Latunski knowingly lured the murder victim using the social dating app, murdered a man, mutilated the body and ate some of the body parts and then had the audacity to smile in his mugshot photo...I'm not buying it. He premeditated all the above items and really should be going straight to trial. There shouldn't be loop holes for monsters.

Latunski is currently residing in the Shiawassee County jail and does have a court hearing this Thursday. Latunski is charged with killing a 25-year-old Michigan man by the name of Kevin Bacon.

Police located Bacon's remains December 28 hanging from Latunski's ceiling in his home located in Bennington Township.

Latunski will get treatment until he is mentally stable enough to appear at the trial.

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