Members of The Ghost Inside teased a previously unreleased song during a Twitch stream, and have potentially hinted at their return on social media recently. Frontman Jonathan Vigil and bassist Jim Riley streamed roughly 24 seconds of a song titled "Aftershock" that the band had recorded before their tragic bus crash in 2015. You can watch an excerpted clip below.

In Nov. of 2015, The Ghost Inside's bus collided with an oncoming semi-truck, killing both drivers and significantly injuring all members of the band. Their road to recovery has been tumultuous, including numerous surgeries and long hospital stays.

Last May the band shared a statement confirmed that they will have a future. “Spending a week together as bandmates answered the question that has been on all of our minds—yes there is a future for TGI,” the band wrote. “We still aren’t sure exactly what it looks like. It might be one show, it might be a few shows. It could be a new song or a whole new record. Our journey into that future is just beginning, and we will bring everyone that is interested along with us.”

They recently tweeted that fans should follow their Instagram account, with some fans perceiving this as a hint that some sort of announcement would be coming.

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