Wait, what? About two years ago, the Mars One project began soliciting candidates to go on a one-way trip to Mars to help prepare the planet for colonization by Earth. There will be 24 selected to head to Mars and begin the process of making the red planet ready for the rest of us to move house.

And die, I guess, since there's no return trip even in the planning for this.

Unless we start sending people in the hundreds not long after them, so they can start building the new earth together. I still think it's a cool idea.

Maybe it's just a big sex experiment, as there are now 100 finalists, split equally between men and women.

More than 200,000 people applied to go on this one-way trip to Mars, and it's been whittled down to these 100. Next up, a bunch of team challenges to find the people who work best together to accomplish goals.

Sort of like Survivor, but more Mars-focused? They'll probably have tribal councils to vote other candidates off the spaceship, and there will be tons of backstabbing, hook-ups, and double-crossing, as the competition heats up!

Haven't these people seen ANY scifi movies? There's crazy s*** on Mars, and we probably don't want them to start killing us as soon as we arrive! Let's leave them alone in their homicidal rage, and come up with another reality show or something.

I like the Mars One Reality TV show idea I just came up with, though...could be a great show!

Wait, has no one seen the Doctor Who episode, "The Waters of Mars"? S*** got real.