There’s Water on Mars But We’re Not Allowed Near It
Just read that headline again. This is an actual thing. We have a rover on the red planet, and it has sent back pretty good evidence that there is water flowing on Mars. This is very exciting news, and also something we can't actually prove, since we could just send the rover over to check it o…
Colonizing Mars
Wait, what? About two years ago, the Mars One project began soliciting candidates to go on a one-way trip to Mars to help prepare the planet for colonization by Earth. There will be 24 selected to head to Mars and begin the process of making the red planet ready for the rest of us to move house.
And …
Red Planet Mission
Have you ever wanted to live on Mars?
Well, 1,058 people are finalists in a worldwide contest for the chance to live on Mars.
The project for a permament human settlement on Mars is organized by the Dutch non-profit Mars One. The effort is backed by several aerospace companies, including SpaceX and …