As many Michigan deer hunters are waiting for the 2020 firearm deer season to open, many bow hunters are still in the woods and things are on fire.

Deer hunting in Michigan is a way of life for many people and in many cases a family tradition.

This Sunday will be opening day for the Michigan 2020 firearm season so many people will be heading up to deer camp up north while others will stay close to home for the big whitetail hunt.

I had been seeing plenty of deer signs and activity since October 20th but last night was a blast in the woods.

I hunted all day Saturday and in the morning Sunday in Indiana and saw plenty of activity there but what I came home to last night was an absolute show going on around my treestand.

Over the weekend my neighbor text me that the farmer cut the corn field that was growing on my property. While I had planned to hunt the evening hunt in Indiana, I kept thinking about the cut corn on my property and how most of the deer probably don't know its gone yet. That is when I made the decision to bail on the evening hunt in Indiana and try my place for the hunt.

My neighbor Tyler hunts with me sometimes on my property so we got out a little earlier than usual to see if anything was moving. Boy we were in for a treat.

It wasn't long after we were out there the first deer popped in the field to seem a bit disappointed that those massive corn rows were gone but entered the field anyway.

We didn't see any giant bucks last night but we saw all kinds of younger bucks grunting and chasing around the does in the field on Sunday evening. It was so exciting to be out there the day a lot of deer decided to be in the field.

Little bucks were sparring with each other, while others were chasing does in and out of the woods and all around the field.

At one point I had deer on all sides of me and it seemed like they were never going to leave.

When the shooting hours were done, I lowered my bow down from the treestand. Then all these deer popped in the woods and these were much bigger from the sounds I was hearing so I got stuck in my tree longer than I had planned.

I didn't want to come down with all these mature deer nearby and spook them off the property when its taken two years to get them to show up.

I didn't shoot a deer and neither did Tyler, but we sure saw a show last night that had us talking for an hour after the hunt.

You bow hunters get in the woods as much as you can this week because the party is on in the whitetail world.

You gun hunters are in for a treat as the temperatures will cool down a bit this week and help create an outstanding opening day for firearm season November 15 for Michigan hunters.

Good luck to you all and hunt safe.

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