I can't believe this is something someone should have to ask you to stop doing.

But, for some reason, people like to listen to idiot celebrities when they come up with these ridiculous ideas, and they become trends. The CDC would like to ask you to stop eating your placenta. Please.

There are even recipes for cooking them, and even for making "placenta smoothies". I've included one below, that I will admit right now: I DID NOT WATCH IT. That is super gross.

There are even companies that will take your placenta (gross!), and turn it into capsules you can take. Women are taking these capsules, that are supposed to be cleaned and dehydrated, and then nursing their babies.

Well, guess what? The placenta contains infectious bacteria that are really harmful to babies. If the placenta isn't prepared properly, your baby will get sick. And unless the doctors know that you've been eating your own body, they won't have any idea what is wrong with your now sick child.

By the way, just the image from the video below kind of grosses me out. What's wrong with people?

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