So far its been a fairly light winter. Not much snow, decently warm temperatures but that is about to least the temperature.

According to WOOD, the freezing drizzle we have had the last few days was part of a winter weather advisory. The past couple days vehicles have been covered in ice as well as side walks, side roads and freeways.

It doesn't take much freezing drizzle to make things like walking to your car difficult and very easy to slip and fall.

So are we are half way through our winter with minimal weather advisories. According to the weather history books, west Michigan temperatures have been 3.3 degrees above average for December. Not one day in December was below average and so far January has followed suit.

The area only received 4.3 inches of snow between December and mid January and this has been the least on record. So nearly 90% of the winter so far has almost been snow free.

The warmth we have had is now going to go away for a while and temperatures are about to fall. The only good news is, there will be plenty of ice soon to make all the ice fisherman happy.

You may want to brace yourself for a cold weekend because temps are about to fall. We start off Friday with a high of 30, then Saturday a high of 20, then Sunday (drum roll please) a high of only 14. Even Monday when you get back to work its only going to be a high of 18.

The lows for the weekend kick off Friday with a low of 24, then Saturday a low of 16, then Sunday is a low of 4. But mother nature is not done yet because the low for Monday is 2 and Tuesday is 9.

With the temperatures down, snow could be on the horizon and there is a possibility of 10 inches of snow between January 15th and 25th.

Let's not forget what might happen in February. None the less, dress warm, warm up your vehicles before leaving the house, keeps some extra warm clothes in your vehicle in case of emergency and brace yourself, the cold is on its way.



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