Now that Halloween will be behind us after this weekend, Thanksgiving is next and how will you celebrate?

Most of us have learned early on in the pandemic to have a small bubble of family or friends and to keep any gathering safe, social distance, wear masks, wash hands etc.

Not everyone has been following that method since the pandemic was turned into a political crisis instead of the health crisis that it actually is. You can already see the virus doesn't adhere to party lines one way or the other.

So how do plan to celebrate Thanksgiving this year? My family has always had a small gathering since all of our relatives live in other states so a big crowd has never been an issue at my house.

My son and I will travel to my parents house across the state and will be joined by my sister, brother in law and nephew unless someone gets the virus between now and then.

How we celebrate Thanksgiving this year will also affect stores and the actual turkey farmers.

According to WOOD, the 2020 turkey industry is a guessing game for Thanksgiving this year. With families having smaller gatherings there is some unpredictability on how many birds to harvest and how many to have in store freezers.

Stores like Meijer, Kroger and Walmart have already adjusted for other food alternatives for ham, pork and seafood. Plus they are adding more turkey breast incase someone opps out from cooking a whole bird. There is also a big uptick in vegan Thanksgiving meals.

More than likely farmers and stores will be ok because even if people are having smaller get togethers, the turkey's they bought in previous years were to feed a certain number of people and the same number of people still need to eat just not together.

If there are any issues there may be some deals at your local grocery so keep in mind those families you know who are struggling because of the pandemic, this would be a great year to help those who need it most.

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