Today on Segment 16, the guys are disgusted by a school's decision to ban patriotic honor cords at a high school graduation. Greenville's senior class has some graduates who are going into military service and were given red, white, and blue cords for the ceremony. Unfortunately, they were not allowed to wear them, because "the line has to be drawn somewhere".

What the hell does that even mean?

Apparently, the superintendent of the school system has a policy that prevents the wearing of these patriotic cords by the graduating seniors. This has caused a great deal of unhappiness from the seniors and their families. Rightly so. These kids are volunteering to serve us, and help keep us safe. They should be proud of that.

Then, in a weird turn of topic, the guys begin to talk about family and friends who are missing fingers, toes, legs, and various other body parts. And how much it grosses them out. Lots of fist bumps instead of handshakes with missing fingers.