Last month, 14-year-old John Smith was walking across frozen Lake St. Louis with some friends in Lake St. Louis, Mo., near St. Louis when he fell through the ice.

He was underwater for 15 minutes before rescuers got to him, KDSK-TV reported.

When emergency medical responders got him to St. Joseph Hospital West, the eighth-grader wasn't breathing and didn't have a pulse. His body temperature was 88 degrees. One of his doctors said she had never felt someone as cold as he was.

After 45 minutes of CPR, doctors called John's mother, Joyce Smith, into the emergency room to say goodbye to him.

A few seconds later, his heart started beating again for the first time in 45 minutes, KDSK-TV reported.

Chances are the cold water had something to do with that.

However, what's more amazing is John's brain function appears normal and he doesn't have brain damage. He is still dealing with a cough, and needs physical therapy to regain full movement in his hands, but is expected to make a full recovery.

His doctors told KDSK-TV it's a miracle.

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