A young man in Kalamazoo is behind bars after trying a home invasion on a couple with a fake gun.

According to WZZM, and the Kalamazoo Public Safety Department, officers got the call from a home located on Burr Oak Street that a home invasion was taking place.

Once the residents of the home realized the gun the 18-year-old man was holding was fake, they over powered him and held him to the ground until police could arrive.

The residents said they had heard a noise and went to check on what it was, that is when they were looking down the barrel of a gun from a home intruder who was demanding their valuables.

The intruder then began searching the house for valuables and and once the residents noticed his gun was a fake, they tackled him and held him for police to deal with.

While no one in the home was injured, the suspect did receive some minor injuries during the altercation.

Police are still investigating the attempted robbery. The 18-year-old has been charged with a variety of felony charges.

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