First-graders and parents alike at Hamilton Elementary School in Sanford, Florida got a bit of a surprise when they found a racial slur on their new spelling list! 

The word was supposed to read, “Bigger" but the word that ended up on the list began with the letter N, not B. We probably don't need to spell this one out for you any more.

Terry Day said she and her daughter, Rosa, found the error while working on her new spelling words at home.

Day said, "My daughter said to me, she said, 'I know that word and I know what that word means, but is this supposed to be on my paper?'"

Of course there never is a good way to explain how a word like that ends up in front of impressionable young minds but the teacher pointed out that on the keyboard, the letters "B" and "N" are very close together so an honest mistake is definitely possible.

The teacher and spokesman for the school both acknowledge the mistake, are remorseful, and state it will never happen again. The teacher also sent out a new list with a memo to students and parents "sincerely apologizing" but Day feels it is not enough.

"That bothered me. I was very offended by it,” Day said. "In today's society, it's very prevalent. Racism! It's very prevalent."

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