My Dog Photobombed Me
I got a new swimsuit, and I was digging my hair (I figure why not be blunt about it.) So I took a selfie, I know selfie's are annoying but I do them.  Anyway as I was laying in the yard taking a selfie my dog decided she wanted in on the selfie action... So here is Olives selfie... she sho…
The Ultimate Selfie [Video]
This really is the ultimate selfie!
This guy used a Go-Pro and went around to some incredible places and video-selfied himself!
Check this out. It's pretty sweet; and makes me want to travel more!
Marathoner Takes Selfies with Hot Guys During Race
I am GOING to do this during my next race!
Every time this girl spotted a hottie on the run she would pull up her front facing camera and snap a pic of him in her background! HA!
Look at this gallery of funny photos from her latest race.