Jackie’s Former Intern Blogs Take 3
I love finding these old blogs I wrote way back when for "Free Beer and Hot Wings," when I interned for them in 2009!
It feels so long ago. Check out this piece of beauty that I wrote titled "JMV's Friday Top 5"
Jackie's Worst Jobs
I can remember the summer I interned for "The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show."
Gregg "Free Beer" mentioned the idea of interns blogging, and he was going to experiment with me and let me try it. I blogged for them once a week for maybe two months.
This blog I am about to sh…
FBHW Give an Intern a Makeover [VIDEO]
We have an intern on the show who we refer to as Thurman Merman, because of his striking resemblance to the character of the same name from the movie Bad Santa.  He has the curliest hair we’ve ever seen.  Last week while talking to him, we started to wonder what it would lo…