Rock on the Range 2017 Lineup
Rock on the Range is the premier rock festival every year, and 2017 might be the biggest and best yet.
Rock legends Metallica, Soundgarden and Korn will each headline one night of America’s largest and most-acclaimed rock festival. The festival will be May 19-21...
Gojira "Explosia" Live at Rock on the Range 2014 [Video]
Let me start this by saying, "I freaking LOVE Gojira"!  I've been so excited to see this band, I would have paid for tickets to Rock on the Range JUST to see them!  
It would have been a weird thing to do, admittedly, buying tickets to a huge show for only one band, and I still would have c…
Some Metal Music for Your Wednesday [Video]
Look no further than here if you want to hear some awesome metal.
Click on the links and get ready for a variety of metal you might have heard; or, perhaps, maybe never heard.
I could be creating some new metal fans!