Coopersville Plans to Open First Brewery
While it might seem that West Michigan is bursting with breweries, there's one area without one: Coopersville. Jeremy Grossenbacher, a Coopersville native, craft beer enthusiast, and local business owner, hopes to change that.
10 Things to Do this Weekend: August 11-13
Whether you feel like running a half marathon, cleaning out the hazardous waste from your home, viewing old cars, seeing War Bird airplanes, or enjoying great music -- there is something for everyone on the list this weekend.
There are plenty of activities for all ages.
Scented Candle Smells for 12 West Michigan Cities
We love West Michigan and all of the sights, sounds and smells it brings throughout the year. Well, at least most of the smells.
What if you could take all of those smells home with you in a scented candle?
Here's what it would smell like if you could.
The Verve Pipe Brings the Show to Cooperville High School
"I was young and knew everything..."
Yea we all know the lyrics to the song 'The Freshman.' Well, maybe we do, I do at least! When that song came out, everyone was singing it, and most likely still are!
Speaking of that song, you could check it out live this weekend with Th…