Let’s put this on the list of “weird”.

Taco Bell has announced they’re going to open a hotel for the summer in Palm Springs.  It’s even going to be considered a luxury hotel named, “The Bell”.  Thrillist says the hotel will open August 9th and will be around for a limited time.

But if you decide to stay at the luxury tacotel (I made that up, but isn't that what you'd call a taco bell themed hotel?), you can shop at the gift shop with Taco Bell hotel apparel and accessories and there will be an on-site salon where you can get “Taco Bell-inspired” haircuts, braids and nail art.

They’ll, of course, have all your Taco Bell faves along with some new creations that haven’t been announced yet and aren't on the local Taco Bell menu.

If you want to stay, you’ll have to have a reservation, you can’t just show up and get a room.  Thrillist says the hotel will start taking reservations in June and is expected to reserve-out (or sell out) quickly.

If you want to stay in a taco bed… I don’t know if that’s really a thing or not, but it definitely should be, you can bookmark tacobell.com/the-bell-hotelso starting June 1st you can try to get your room.


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