A t-shirt shop in Holland, Michigan, has come up with a way for West Michigan businesses to raise money for people who have been put out of work because of the coronavirus outbreak.

According to WOOD, the t-shirt shop Good Ink in Holland says, all you have to do is figure out where you need the money to go, come up with a design, then send it Good Ink and they will make it happen.

Good Ink representative, Dave Ornee said, "the cool thing about this is there's absolutely no cost to get a fundraiser set up. No cost to the business at all or if it's a nonprofit raising money. The proceeds go directly to whatever we're raising money for."

A few businesses have already kicked off their fundraisers. Love's Ice Cream in Grand Rapids, Our Brewing Company in Holland, Osgood Brewing in Grandville and Tripleroot in Zeeland.

Surprisingly enough, many of these fundraisers are really raising some serious money for those out of work because of the coronavirus.

Ornee said, "we built this site to help people raise money to be something other than just a run of the mill screen printer. We do plenty of that too which is great, but it's cool to see the community come together and people really want to support each other and other small businesses during this really difficult time."

If you are looking to help some people out in need, here is a great opportunity. Just connect with Good Ink and they will dial you in.

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