If you thought the swine flu was a thing of the past...not so fast Michiganders!

According to WOOD, some pigs that were being displayed at a fair in Fowlerville, Michigan, have tested positive for the swine flu.

The pigs were being shown at the Fowlerville Family Fair and after the Livingston County Health Department tested them and found that they did have the swine flu the pigs had to be removed from the event.

So far no human cases of swine flu have been reported to the health departments within 70 miles northwest of Detroit.

Apparently there is a warning from the Michigan health department to be careful and take precautions if you are near pigs at any Michigan county fair or any local fair where there are pigs.

If you are unfamiliar with the swine flu, it is a respiratory disease that is found in pigs. Swine flu usually doesn't infect people but some cases have involved humans. Its best not to east or drink anything while in a livestock barn or show areas.

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